Elusive, “Eyes Elite (feat. Flavia)”

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Elusive has been in this music industry for over twenty years now – he’s no stranger to this business, yet he’s still evolving. His latest upcoming LP, Headspace, is the newest installment to his evolution, and it’s his 4th release for Alpha Pup Records. Album aside, we’re so excited to be premiering a track off of his Headspace, called “Eyes Elite,” featuring Flavia.
This track is calm and relaxing to the core. The instrumentals sound like a glass mobile clinking in the wind. This is accompanied by the electronic waves of a synth. Flavia’s vocals are breathy and just skim over the surface of the instrumentals. Layers of sound come together to create this lovely piece. Check this track out below.

We also had the opportunity to ask Elusive a few questions about his music.

How would you describe “Headspace”?

Most of my albums are conceptual or themed albums. With  “Headspace” I wanted to expand my box as a musician and keyboard player. So I’d describe this album as a melodic album focused more on song structure and experimenting with  blending jazz and electronic music.

Which track on this album was your favorite to create and record? Why?

My favorite track on the album is “Paper Parachutes.” This is my favorite track because this was one of the first tracks I made for the album and took me in the direction I wanted to go with this album. It also features Emile Pore’e on guitar which is a good friend of mine that I’ve known since high school. He played in jazz bands with my brother, so getting to collab with him on this track made it special to me.

Could you explain the “Headspace” cover art?

I wanted the artwork to be like a window to view and interpret the music and theme of the album. It’s also very layered like my music. The artwork was done by Mykal Alva. I like his work because it’s layered and multidimensional. Looking forward to working with him on future albums.

What do you want others to feel and take away from this album when they listen to it?


I want people that have been following my music to see the growth as a musician, not just see me as a beatmaker. This album has strong rhythms but with the focus more on melodies I feel like this album is an easier listen as compared to other albums of mine. I think its relaxing album that evokes calmness but still has exciting rhythms and layered build ups. I see this album as a soundtrack to driving around LA or just relaxing at night.

Who is your musical idol and why?


I have a few musical idols, and at different times I’ve been more influenced by one more than others. But at the moment I’d have to say John Coltrane. He was consistently pushing his sound and looking for new sounds and was influenced by other genres and cultures to expand his musicianship. I greatly respect that. He also worked with so many great musicians and seemed to be influenced by their music and got better with each band he played with. It also doesn’t hurt that my favorite song is “Love Supreme.” I’ve had that one song influence me in so many ways with music and just in life in general.

If you were a meal, would you be breakfast, lunch, or dinner? Why?


If I were a meal I’d be dinner. That’s the last meal of the day and feel like my music fits as a cap off of the night. A nice transition to the end of a night.

What can we expect from Elusive in the future?
In the future I see myself working more with live musicians and exploring more of the fusion between jazz and electronic music and move to a more organic sound. I want to develop more as a musician and get more complex with my melodies and rhythms and work with musicians that an influence me to get better.

Headspace  will be out on August 5th.