Eric Copeland's not so “Louie, Louie, Louie”

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Eric Copeland

There was a time when every band, from the most punk or hadcore to the most Mania-enducing, covered Richard Berry's “Louie, Louie” on tour. Iggy Pop taunted a biker gang with “Louie, Louie”, Henry Rollins turned it into a gutteral dirge, and The Fat Boys rapped about its history and controversy. It feels as though “Louie, Louie” is dying out as a rock standard… and it's still on life support, despite the title of Eric Copeland's new song, “Louie, Louie, Louie”.

If you've heard Copeland's Whorehouse Blues 7″ (PPM), then you know he's perfectly capable of continuing the decorated lineage of “Louie, Louie” covers. Knowing this makes “Louie, Louie, Louie” feel like a joke was just played on us. Copeland's track stirs a spin cycle of wah-wahs over a fuckery of cartoonish percussion samples. “Louie, Louie, Louie” is one of six parts to his Limbo record. We're already looking forward to hearing how it interacts with the remainder of the record.

Eric Copeland's Limbo is out June 5 on Underwater Peoples.