Welder, “Be My Light”

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Brendan Angelides, under the Eskmo moniker, specializes in electronic music with bass mentality that sits comfortably on labels like Ninja Tune and Warp. His Welder side project is the organic opposite of Eskmo's revolutions-per-minute sound. The tableau is cinematic, which brings to mind words like “arrangement” and “symphony” in place of “edit” or “remix”.

On “Be My Light,” Angelides finds a delicate balance of synthetic and organic with the piano and percussion operating as the movement, while the guitars and glitches layer the aethestic palett. The song is reminscient of Blockhead's Music By Cavelight LP, also a Ninjatune release, as the prestigious lines between composer and electronic producer become blurred. Welder is music best enjoyed under a reading light, while indulging in material thicker than the flimsy half-inch bindings of a Maxim.

Welder's Florescence is out September 26 on Ancestor.