Essaie Pas, “Retox”

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Essaie Pas’ forthcoming Demain est une autre nuit, translates to “tomorrow is another night”. It’s an inside joke among lovers Marie Davidson and Pierre Guerineau who thrive in nocturnal inspiration and acquiesce to its psychological power. It’s an after hours disquietude that runs rampant across the latest single “Detox”.

The duo of Davidson and Guerineau formed in the summer of 2010, but much of Demain est une autre nuit is owed to being left out in the cold. Dark breadth that traces gray vapor against the cold black night can be felt on “Retox”. The multi-lingual lyrics open with “some nights / just leave you / drained.” Alarms and techno pulsate through “Detox” as the deadpan words of Guerineau and Davidson remain restless in insomnia’s despair.

Essaie Pas Demain est une autre nuit is out February 19 on DFA.

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