EXCLUSIVE STREAMING PREMIERE: Tyler Digital’s Exit 8 (Out August 26th)

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We have been floored by Tyler Digital‘s work as of late. We’ve discussed specific tracks, gushed over the visual album, and now that we are almost at the finish line – Exit 8 officially drops August 26th – we are so stoked to boast the exclusive premiere of the album stream. Get your first listen below.

Stefanie Santana’s gorgeous, ethereal vocals reverberate through the sounds on “Straight to the Head”, while “Night Talks” boasts a more dance-worthy space with its admittedly eery sounds and bass. “Don’t Take Her With You” is an interesting experimental piece, bordering on the fine line between sounding like a villain created it and being on the cusp of an intricate intro to the rest of the album.

“The Headlights In Your Mirror” is a slower piece, bringing the panic that is associated with feeling followed to the forefront of the emotional spectrum provided. “Kids” is much lighter, as if you’re walking on a cloud. It truly is the backtrack to a scene with kids, and makes you feel like your troubles are – widely – behind you. “Driving All Night For You” has a beat reminiscent of a heartbeat, exposing the love that would be associated with a person who would drive all night for another. There is also a scattered, frantic feel to the track that gets your adrenaline pumping.

“Crawl Out” is back to an eery feel, as if your nightmares are about to come true, while “Being A Parent” is layered and more complicated in its sound progression. “Take Me Away Again” has a haunted feel to the beginning, and then explodes into synth sound that is almost romantic in its texture. The album is rounded out with “Stay Tuned”, a song that is much less experimental in its composition, and gives you a sense of closure to the release.

Exit 8 is an album that channels the emotional range of a human fighting an inner battle between shreds of humanity and the darkest thoughts a person can have,” expands Tyler Digital. “In real life this would be a disturbing situation – so I like to describe the album as ‘Not Chill’.”

Exit 8 is out August 26th.