Exploded View, “No More Parties in the Attic”

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A usual trade-off for an unchanging melody in a song is a building intensity of tone and vocal ferocity that makes the volume an instrument in and of itself. Brand new Sacred Bones signees Exploded View inject a cold and droning instrumental simplicity with post-punk sensibilities, accompanying a harrowing reverberating voice, on their single, “No More Parties in the Attic”.

The quartet is a continuation and self-exploration after 3/4 members having played together in a backing band for politically infused artist, Anika. A consequent potential was discovered, and a 7” was recorded with one take for each track, resulting in a raw, haunting sound of barebones composition effectually made up for by its layering desolation. Two bassy notes dominate the track, chugging along under robotic bleeps and singer Annika Henderson’s omnipresent disdain. The rhythm unchanging, the presence of the synths grow, building cold landscapes of nuclear winter, and green fields that sway in the wind of the mind are turned into steel shards that rattle and hum, crash and unnerve. A promising anthem for our future.

Preorder the Exploded View 7″ out April 1 at Sacred Bones.