Eyes of Love, “End of The Game”

Post Author: JP Basileo

Nothing hurts quite like the hounding sense that it was your fault that things fell apart…that woeful guilt while you search back in time for where things went wrong, what could have been done, what could have been helped. Brooklyn powerhouse outfit Eyes of Love beautifully navigate the emptiness of the heart on the title track off their forthcoming debut LP End of The Game, out August 17 via Wharf Cat Records. Songwriter Andrea Schiavelli fronts a convocation of some of the most talented musicians of the New York underground – Lily Konigsberg (Lily and Horn Horse, Palberta), Paco Cathcart (The Cradle, Shimmer), and Sammy Weissberg (The Cradle, Sweet Baby Jesus), every note, both instrumental and vocal, ruminating over the uncertainty of an amour’s future. Schiavelli’s hushed vocals disclose a saddened perplexity as he mourns, “Nothing’s the same / I wasn’t always trying, I wasn’t always lying to you.” It’s a gorgeous, poignant expression, filled with frenzied strings, lush swells, and, above all, a vulnerability that pangs any living being who’s also had a love slip their fingers. Expect the same level of sincerity for the rest of the LP’s thirteen songs.