Far-Out Fangtooth, The Thorns

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Far-Out Fangtooth, based out of Philadelphia, create battering and incessant dirges. Their music rings out for the dead and ramshackle bones that fill cemeteries late at night. After an LP on Siltbreeze last year, Far Out-Fangtooth cement their guttural style with a new EP on Hozac. Title track “The Thorns” utilizes a bracing and keen understanding of tension, which feels more and more demented as each faded cry dissolves into screeching feedback. “Occasion of Sin” sounds like a possessed Spacemen 3, as death drags a bag of stolen souls along rusted, abandoned train tracks. If “Occasion of Sin” is a portrait of the grim reaper, then “Patience” is the listener's own encounter with him, nearing the dreadful end. From there, Far-Out Fangtooth have lured their listeners into the dark, leaving nothing but the thirst of blood to survive. You can listen to The Thorns below, and get the EP here.