Fashawn, “Bart Simpson”

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The most dangerous emcee from Fresno dropped his Grizzly City 3 mixtape back in August, but this month it finally got the DJ-free treatment, which translate to: I'm ready to appreciate some new Fashawn tracks.

Fashawn's Grizzy City mixtape series is the uncut raw version of the rapper, while his debut Boy Meets World functioned as a presentation of the polished side of Santiago. There's middle ground in both formats, but if you've strictly heard the Grizzly Fashawn, Boy Meets World can sound like kid's music. The flipside is hearing BMW first, then trying out the Grizzly tapes can be a struggle, as you wonder where all the Exile beats and young intellect expressed on “The Ecology” have gone.

Fashawn recently made a video for one of the better tracks from Grizzly City 3. “Bart Simpson” features Fashawn embracing his skater upbringing, which we learned about last year. The video also features a cameo from this year's Dew Cup and Money Maloof Cup Champion Pierre-Luc Gagnon.

Get the tags-free version of Grizzly City 3 here. Courtesy of 2DopeBoyz.