Fashawn at second glance

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Earlier in the summer the name Fashawn was passed around as the next fire spitting L.A. rapper to emerge on the scene, but we had reservations.

His debut Boy Meets World has dropped and a second glance has us feeling silly for doubting.

When the “Sunny California” video did its rounds on the internet, it didn't grip with us. The song is produced by Exile, who made a name as the west coast's dopest producer by bringing out the best in Blu, but Fashawn's sleepy swagger style on the debut single made him seem disposable.

The intro to Boy Meets World put our doubts to rest by waking us the fuck up. It's truly the start of a new day. Exile gives Fashawn that special soul power treatment and he responds accordingly with a “kerosene flow [that] melts microphone cables.”

This kid is an animal with the pen as he relates his come up from nothing to something, spitting “who knew I could maneuver through the manure and come out clean.” His debut is streaming on his Myspace page.

Only 20 years of age, Fashawn proves he is a well rounded MC with Boy Meets World. “When She Calls,” which you can hear below, is just another case for putting this debut in heavy rotation. Fashawn lets his episode unfold by switching perspectives with each verse. Exiles laces Fashawn with a dreamy harp sample and an eerie vocal track, putting weight to Fashawn's tale of the days he doesn't want to wake up. It's unreal to think a child of the 90's can deliver such truth on record.

Boy Meets World is out now.