Favors, Tulips EP

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Favors Tulips EP

David Mohr, operating as Favors, is good for an electronic-pop escapade of an EP every 4 to 7 months – like clockwork. Now an Oakland-based, Favors exists in the deep web, the lightspeed com-channel, and at its most ambitious a time capsule cast towards the universal beyond. It's unlikely Mohr will ever tour the material on the Tulips EP. It exists for our modern amusement to sustain the doldrums of commutes and the ever-looming line, be it to renew a license or receive a weekly chocolate ration.

Favors has the uncanny ability to alleviate the bother of being a lemming. As a danceteria for drone ants, Favors' EP serves the people, but within those catchy numbers, Mohr is slipping in anti-newspeak to process, like “they keep the hope alive / they keep the dream from changing” on “What's Wrong”. Yes, the Tulips EP is about pretty flowers for gazing and glazing over, but there's also warning signs to be deciphered.