Febueder, “Sloppiness Tank”

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The only usage I could think of for the phrase “Sloppiness Tank” would be to describe the first few weekends of my freshman year of college. In contrast to how I would use the phrase, British trio Febueder used it to label their emotional and pleading track from their forthcoming EP Soap Carv. Hailing from the small rural town of Ascot, Febueder seems to be on an expedited path much akin to their contemporaries and indie giants Alt-J. Featuring the ferocity and biopolar charm of Animal Collective, the quirky pop of Vampire Weekend, and ambient clarity of Alt-J, Febueder has found a sound that’ll fit nicely on most anyone’s musical agenda.

Soap Carv is out November 25 via Tape Club Records.

Soap Carv Tracklisting:
1. Galeo
2. Alligator
3. Kanka Weak
4. Sloppiness Tank