Fern Mayo, “Going Somewhere”

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Brooklyn pop-punk trio Fern Mayo’s sound is catchy, playful, but striking in its deep sincerity and heartfelt song writing. The debut track from their upcoming LP, Happy Forever, is titled “Going Somewhere.” In their first professionally-recorded track, Fern Mayo doesn’t stray to0 far from their roots, still packing whimsical melodies and tight riffs from past releases like “Orangina Filth” or “Chomping At The Bit.” Vocalist and guitarist Katie Capri’s lyrics are clever and sharp-witted, emulating the songwriting style of Palehound or Speedy Ortiz while remaining distinctly her own.

“Going Somewhere” is a tight, purging rocker that captures the ambitious feeling of striking out on your own. Capri parses through personal complexities and the universal feeling of trying to find your meaning in relation to the world. Her lyrics are bold; she shrieks, “Still haven’t found what it is I’m looking for/Something to call my own/Something to put my name on.” Capri confronts the reality of her life with a profound sincerity. Fern Mayo holds the rare capacity to turn emotional vulnerability into a shredding kind of power. The only time I meet Capri was at a Shea Stadium show where she gave me a giant bear hug for no apparent reason; that’s kind of how Fern Mayo’s music feels- like a comforting and reassuring embrace.

Stream “Going Somewhere” below:

Happy Forever is out October 2 on Miscreant Records.