Feyer, Signals Internalized

Post Author: Michael Brummett

Feyer is a New York born man of many talents: singer, songwriter, instrumentalist, arranger, producer, and composer.


Andrew fell into music at a rather young age, hopping on the piano at just the age of 6. From there, it was a flurry of exploration, taking up drums at 11, singing, playing guitar, and writing songs all the while.
After playing in plenty of high school talent shows, Feyer made his way to Bard College, taking in composition, orchestration, scoring, and musical acoustics/engineering.
Through Feyer’s dense musical background, he primarily cites Queen, David Bowie, and Pink Floyd as his classic influences — Passion Pit, Grimes, and Coldplay round out his modern inspirations.


Today (Feb. 10), Feyer has released his new album, Signals Internalized.
For a while, “I Just Don’t Know” and “Taking a Turn for the Worse” have been out as a preview of the LP. We thought we would highlight our favorites that haven’t yet had the chance to circulate.
“Get Over It” [4:44] is just as diverse as any other creation on the album, but was the most ‘ear-catching’ (if you will) to us in the first half of the album.
“Thru” [1:12] reminds us, to a reasonable degree, of earlier works by M83. You probably won’t expect the progression — or the conclusion — to this short track.
“Wasted Time” [6:00] is a challenging, but rewarding listen. Imagine Arabian Nights in chip-tune, before an incredibly awesome but abrupt transition into metal, and even quicker transition into the meat of the song. Just at a minute and a half into the track, we’re still settling in for a crazier ride to the end. This lands as the most ‘out there’ on Signals Internalized. Also as our album favorite.
This wasn’t supposed to be a review…but Feyer sucked away all of our attention into the immensely powerful vacuum that is his new album. We were warned that this wasn’t the typical ‘sound’ that is found on Impose — what a shame, because we loved Signals Internalized and think it deserves a 4.5/5. But it is weird.


You can purchase Feyer’s Signals Internalized on his Bandcamp, iTunes, and on Amazon.