Fielded, “Arms of Heaven”

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Lindsay Powell (Fielded)

Originally the singer and keyboard player for Chicago based experimental band, Ga’an, Lindsay Powell seems to have her fingers in all kinds of proverbial pies. In addition to her previous projects, Skyblazer and Festival (the latter created alongside her sister), Powell’s latest venture Fielded is once again taking her down the colourful path of futuristic psych pop. I hear it’s nice this time of year.

Created in a home-studio at the house she grew up in, I can’t help but think that Fielded’s latest album, Ninety Thirty Thirty is Powell’s way of screaming to the world “I can really sing”.The diva herself describes Fielded as “a cinematic science fiction dream” about post-apocalyptic America, from beginning to end this album defies all themes and genres, taking you on a journey of distorted vocals, 80’s-eqsue synth and powerful beats.

I can’t decide if the third track from the album, “Arms of Heaven”, makes me want to join a cult or do the robot, but I’m pretty sure that’s a good thing. I guess we can thank the power of a cryptic subconscious for this one.

Ninety Thirty Thirty is out April 23 on Captcha.