Flamingosis and The Kount collaborate on “Tommorow Maker”

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It seems Flamingosis found time in between crafting his upcoming album to work on a remix. The prolific producer collaborated with Canadian producer The Kount to give singer Mocky’s 2015 “Tomorrow Maker” track an uptempo re-interpretation. The two visionaries coalesced their talents to turn Mocky’s brooding, enigmatic ballad into a “booty-shakin, lady-takin, baby-makin remix,” as Kount termed it on Soundcloud. Who knows if that’s how they pitched Mocky when they contact him for permission.

The remix’s genre is “disco” on Soundcloud, which is generally a tongue-in-cheek categorization, but the song’s snappy drum programming works with Mocky’s sultry (slightly up-pitched) vocals to resonate a lustrous, neon-and-purple energy. One can’t help but nod their heads—or full on dance– to the intricate, endlessly groovy instrumentation of the track. Stacey Shopsowitz’ agile bass play adds meat to the soundscape, particularly shining during a mid-track breakdown.

You can stream “Mocky – Tomorrow Maker (Flamingosis + The Kount Remix)” below.