F.olk of Late Bloomers' Instrumental EP

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After reading an issue of Men's Health or a relationship blog, F.olk of Late Bloomers, formerly known as Ahh:zel, discovered that women tend to ditch their man in the summer and once the winter comes along begin looking for solid relationships again or “some scientific shit like that” – his words . Aside from that being a messed up science (we endure your “winter coat” knowing we put the leg work in for that bikini. C'mon ladies), F.olk found it comparable to our mentalities regarding music. As he sees it, “you like all these random songs in summer, but they're only good for the summer, and when winter comes you start listening to more of that stick to your ribs type 'this is one of my favorite songs ever' type stuff.”

F.olk thinks very deeply about his intentions and it shows on the Wintersummersprung EP. The song titles alone (“I.Think.I.Like.This.Girl.But.She.Texts.Me.Too.Much”, “I.Hate.Your.Taste.In.Music.But.You.Got.A.Nice.Ass”) are worth the price of the download. But the EP marks a sonic shift in The Late Bloomers' music. The song titles might be lighthearted, but F.olk's titles hint at story lines to be plucked from his instrumentals. Is it one girl or several girls? It is tough to be certain, but F.olk's production leads us into the fleeting, the fascinated and even the frustrated, which is an impressive emotional range for a 6-song EP.