Follies, “Drag”

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Last month we posted about the Follies’ song “I Make Sense”, a track we described as having a “psycho intensity that’s more garage-pop than bedroom-pop, thanks to its booming drums, sludgey bass, and tremelo-tinged vocals.” We are excited to premiere a new song from Follies from their upcoming split with Wishbone. Unlike “I Make Sense”, which felt driven by some sort of frustration, “Drag” quietly paces itself. Follies is the solo project of Los Angeles-based Phil Hartunian, and sludgey is a very appropriate descriptor for his voice, which sounds as if it is slowly trudging through an orchestral haze. He was inspired as a young teen to record his own music by the work of another Phil [Elvrum]. Wishbone, meanwhile, is the project of pal Jasper McMahon, Henry Kwapis, and Hartunian.

The Follies/Wishbone split cassette will be released by Double Double Whammy on September 8. Stream “Drag” below: