Frank Ocean is thinking about us, sorta

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Frank Ocean

While we wait to hear Frank Ocean's contributions to Jay-Z and Kanye's Watch The Throne album, a loosie from Mr. Ocean surfaced called “Thinking About You” that will hopefully make the re-release (?) of Nostalgia, Ultra, which was whittled down to an EP called Nostalgia, Lite. If you think about the Def Jam debut in terms of beer heirarchy, the Lite EP will be consumed in mass quantities with little to no effect on the system, until it crosses the double digits threshold. (Ed. Note: “lite” is considered heavier than “ultra” in beer geneology. Impose would prefer to consider Frank Ocean to be of the “high life” ilk.)

“Thinking About You” is just Frank being frank with smooth apologies for a messy room (attributed to a tornado), a sales pitch for a beach house in Idaho and nonchalant claims of never getting to fly his Fighter Jet. Frank has a lot on his mind like what to do with these assets and thinking ahead to forever. As grandiose as the song might seem, Frank sneaks the geniune beneath the surface, which probably speaks more to the young and famous than the proletariat, but that's where R&B is at these days – the burden beyond the velvet rope. We're not mad at Frank Ocean though, because his sincerity is in tact on “Thinking About You” and that falsetto is too damn charming to get angry over.

Frank Ocean, “Thinking About You”