Frau, “Punk Is My Boyfriend”

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“What is punk?” This is the age-old, extremely divisive question. But the London feminist punk four-piece Frau has offered their own answer: “Punk Is My Boyfriend”. The track is one-third of Frau’s upcoming 7″, which comes out on Static Shock Records on August 4. Frau’s only offering prior to the “Punk Is My Boyfriend” single is an eight-track, ten-minute demo on Tuff Enuff Records, which has recently been reissued on vinyl by Dead Beat Records. “Punk Is My Boyfriend” is 49 seconds of furious and jerky noise with the only decipherable word being the sporadic exclamation of  “punk.” Perhaps this track is the key to “What is punk?” (or what makes for a good boyfriend), but we will need a translator to find out.