Crushed Records Compilation

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If Crushed Records is news to you, like it's news to me, then at least we found out before the kids at the parties started looking too young to offer a beer.

If it's not news. If I've proven to be completely out of touch with the hip shit, well, Michael Jackson died. I really don't feel like doing a damn thing today, but listening to “You Are Not Alone.” But, the show must go on, right?

WZRDZ, “Junglishious”

Flashmen, “Little Wildkat”

American Folklore, “Rebel Rebel” (Purple Crush Remix)

This compilation dropped the first week of June. You can scoop it and many other Crushed Records artists at Beatport.

You Been Crushed Compilation Vol. 1 track listing:
01 NYC Bad Girl – Purple Crush
02 Im A Freak – Nic Xedro
03 Tocatta – Mike Genius
04 Little Wildkat – Flashmen
05 Junglishious – WZRDZ
06 Crazy Old Maurice – Loud Pipes
07 Rebel Rebel (Purple Crush remix) – American Folklore
08 Bob Dob (Craven Moorhaus remix) – Mike Genius