Fucked Up videotaped with strings and bilingual screaming

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Compressed for your protection.

Sirius radio funds “Bande à Part,” another video/studio recording session for the heap. Last week they posted a collaboration between Duchess Says' Annie-Claude Deschênes, Damien Dempsey/Pink Eye, a string section, and the rest of the Fucked Up crew, for an 11-minute version of “Year of the Ox” into three minutes of people talking French-Canadian and English-Canadian (eh?), into a three minute version of “David's Plan”.

There's something simultaneously operatic and impossibly goofy about the droney buildup into immaculately mic'd hardcore riffage into Pink Eye and Deschênes's righteous, atonal phlegmatics. Also, Deschênes looks ready to pee her pants but calms down once she gets to scream (in French).

Pretty hilarious and sanitized for what we'll assume is the NPR crowd of the north. Can't embed, though. You have to go and see it for yourself, here.