Furnsss, “Where Did My Pets Go?”

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Burlington, CT four-piece Furnsss have been dubbed fuzz pop, sometimes slacker rock, but whatever way you spin it, there’s something new and energized about the music that stacks up against anything in either genre. Last summer’s FAB EP was a hazy mix of slow jams and uptempo garage anthems, and a new track off their upcoming full-length might signal a shift toward a more controlled sound that keeps all the dreaminess intact.

The second single from the Silent Gold LP, “Where Did My Pets Go?”, is a hooky head-nodder of optimism that can only temporarily veil the intimate darkness of its lyrical content. It features the simple major-key strum of some bright guitars over clear, low and relaxed vocals, a nice contrast to the fuzzier style of previous tracks—and all the more jarring against the words themselves, which construct an elegy for dead pets and old friends. During a hushed break in the sound with just a couple of softened guitar lines, Furnsss asks earnestly with the support of a low harmony, “When I’m sleeping, will you meet me in my dreams?” Then all of that pent-up feeling builds in a quickening tempo and urgent compounding of riffs and flows forth in an outpouring of instrumental wails and distortion. This is the kind of song that could very well fill a gap you didn’t even know was there before.

Silent Gold is due out on cassette and digitally November 28 through Seagreen Records.