Future Islands, “Seasons (Waiting For You)” (DJ Dodger Stadium Remix)

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DJ Dodger Stadium‘s knocked another one out of the park with their edit of Future Island’s morose “Seasons (Waiting For You)” single, released via the duo’s own Body High imprint.

A song already melodramatic in its swooping synthpop leanings, Jerome LOL and Samo Sound Boy turn the drama up to 11 with the addition of a thumping 4/4 bassline in a similar sonic vein to classic techno club. And though it’s a combination that initially raised a few eyebrows, they’re both outfits that share a distinctly sentimental bent, full of whimsy and a feeling of wistful euphoria. Because if you thought Samuel T. Herring’s wasn’t theatrical enough, just wait till you hear his soaring vocals paired with a pulsating bass beat and addictive, undulating synth line. Definitely an epic.