Future Twin, “Another Party”

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We've definitely been jamming to Future Twin a good amount around the Impose “offices” (a.k.a. the dirty pizza box-strewn apartments of various indigents with wi-fi) and this new track is no different. “Another Party” is not really a party at all. Instead, it's a percussion-free guitar torcher, something of a reverb-laden free-jam.

It's “an aleotoric experiment delving into how to record the subconscious on a more intuitive level,” says Jean Jeanie, who is playing and singing in the primary, which is interesting: aleatoric composition, is, by definition, determined by outside forces, limited by the artist. The composition is determined by a routine developed and then performed, frequently, today, by machines. But this song is definitely all about human emotion. Can the subconscious work within limits? Can it develop something according to a routine, or is it uncontrollable in the extreme?

Future Twin, “Another Party”

Future Twin are playing Brooklyn for the first time this weekend, and then they go back to San Francisco.

Fri, Jun 1 – Brooklyn, NY @ Knitting Factory
Sun, Jun 3 – Brooklyn, NY @ Big Snow Buffalo Lodge
Sun, Jun 24 – San Francisco, CA @ Hemlock Tavern