G-D, Allah, Acid Baby Jesus…

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Acid Baby Jesus.

Times are so tough that I sometimes find myself using the title of a Moby album to sum things up.

“Everything Is Wrong,” I constantly find myself uttering to anybody who will listen. Terrorists, lack of jobs, the 1%, my cat jumping all over me the second I try to go to sleep, etc. Everything is wrong, and everything is totally fucked. I need salvation, and I guess in times like this, religion is a good option. If following a deity is the opium of the masses, then I guess hook me up to a needle and let it flow.

Just, if you could, get me on some Acid Baby Jesus as my religion. These Greek weirdos must have spent a few weeks locked in a house, drinking vino, and listening to nothing but that Norton Records 7″ series that had the Black Lips, King Khan/BBQ, and a bunch of others covering Rolling Stones songs. They just take everything that's already been done in terms of garage rock, strip it down, and make it nasty all over again. It's sort of like turning water into wine, drinking then wine, then passing out only to wake up the next morning and find out that you did some really amazing things the night prior.

“Tooth to Toe” is a particular standout. It sounds like Marc Bolan crawling right back into the womb, and cosmic dancing to The Crystals, and it's on their self-titled album on Slovenly, a label that really seems to enjoy importing Mediterranean scuzz onto American soil.

Acid Baby Jesus, “Tooth to Toe”