Ganglians, “Close Encounters”

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Good news, folks! I saw Ganglians this weekend in Sacramento and they graciously tried a few new songs out on their friends. The exploration of sound and vibe continues (is it moving towards bedroom pop? Did someone purchase a Devo record?), which means we must drop the gnarly titles associated with their Woodsist debut and simply call these fellows a couple'a fine pop enthusiasts. Gross, eh?

To tide us over, Ganglians reached back into time to expose “Close Encounters” for consumption. Recorded in 2010 with Andy Morin, “Close Encounters” gets considerable burn in the live sets but never graced a tracklisting. Might have something to do with that all too familiar riffing? With all the rad shit Ganglians have been writing lately, this might be the song's one shot at getting rotation beyond the stage. Enjoy.