Get all your Beko singles in one spot

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beko dsl cassette art

Oh boy.

We've been a big fan of Beko's delectable taste in music for their regular single series, and now they've cobbled it all together into their first official cassette compilation.

You can get it for free here.

death and vanilla_between circles

idiot glee_jamie’s song

romantic states_the fourth

the bilinda butchers_all my friends

the electric sugar children_summer heat wave heat

eternal summers_pure affection

la femme_tÈlÈgraphe

procedure club_washed (live)

tan dollar_clams

wonder wheel_eyes

nude beach_hot girl


splash wave_theme from ‘two cool guys at the beach’

greatest hits (aka raw thrills)_your just an uptown girl

muscle drum_so slow

jamie long_aquarium

devices disguised_faith dealer


woven tales_god helmet

eachothers_jogging holiday

bathcrones_casa olia

TANK_des oeufs(les manifestants ont lancÈs)