Ghostface in a chick flick

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What better way to spend a Friday morning then with your pixelated friends.

This week, we bring you the first single off Effi Briest's long-awaited debut LP on Sacred Bones, Ghostface in a chick flick, Vampire Weekend's art of the cameo, the first Kanye West video not dictated item-per-item by every Kanye whim, gangsta folk lip-synching, and the ongoing resurgence of American interest in Fela Kuti.

Also, we might see It Might Get Loud after all.

Effi Briest, “Long Shadows”

From It Might Get Loud

Caribou, “Odessa”

Johnny Polygon, “The Riot Song”

Yoga, “Encante”

Ghostface in a chick flick

Dolph Lundgren at Melodifestivalen

This video really only gets better as it goes on.

Vampire Weekend, “Giving Up The Gun”

Kanye West, “Coldest Winter”

Xiu Xiu, “Grey Death”

Forest Swords, “Miraches”


Railcars, “There Is Ice; It Is Blue”

Filmed by They Shoot Music.

Jonny Telafone, “Stardate 2012.1221”


Rachel Goodrich, “Light Bulb” (Sweat Records Contest Winner)


Extra Life, “Head Shrinker”

Dead C, “Sky”

Live on New Zealand TV in 199something.

N.A.M.B., “Radiorace”

The Funky African: Questlove on Fela Kuti

Rare Fela Kuti interview from 1970 in London