Glottalstop, Woodsmoke LP (Excerpt)

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Compiled almost entirely from tape recordings dating back twenty years, Glottalstop's Woodsmoke LP is frighteningly modern. The stream that you can access below features an excerpt of two songs, both which exhibit heavy doses of tape scratch, flinching squeals, and ambient tones, all blended together into one eerie, titilating package. The release has a noted haunted quality to it, making its cover (an abandoned, dreamed-up hut) feel more fitting with every listen. Woodsmoke is like entering a dead-silent forest and then waiting to hear noises emerge.

This release comes from the UK's Tartaruga label, and is available in a limited edition run of 200. The LP is screenprinted with beautifully sewn edges, images for which are below. Woodsmoke is ready for purchase here.