Godly The Rule – Dog Days EP

Post Author: Aidan Grant

Madison-based artist blends hip-hop, punk & hyperpop on excellent new record

Madison-based artist and all-around creative force Godly the Ruler makes their debut EP release on New York’s very own Pack Records. Serving a body of work that toes the line between hip-hop, punk and hyperpop, dog days is a record packed with raw emotion and wrapped in explosive sonic moments. While with most albums, listeners are prepared that each song will sonically divert from the next, Godly the Ruler seeks no rules by creating genre shifts within songs. And my gosh is it exciting!

Just when you think you’ve got the idea of the song understood, we are quickly introduced to a new and vibrant section. Take opening track “dog days” – first introduced to Godly’s soothing vocals over an acoustic guitar backdrop but just before we get too relaxed, he switches up erupting into a pop-punk meets hyperpop soundscape. And they do this constantly throughout the record, cleverly showcasing their different musical elements from more melodic singing to rapping about the importance of identity and heritage. As a first generation immigrant of Nigerian parents, they ensured that a major part of the project focused on the importance of representation whilst also exploring themes of love and lust in tracks such as “girls free till midnight.”

“This project is essentially me looking into the mirror and examining my life, accepting my faults and acknowledging my relationships with others and the world at large,” Godly shared. “The music reflects the same craziness and volatility that comes with the human experience.”

Give it a spin below: