Golden Triangle takes me to the movies

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Totally ignoring the fact that I've waited since the first time I saw this band live (about three years ago) for the LP that is Double Jointer
to come out, the debut album by Golden Triangle has managed to capture
the band's live intensity in ways I didn't think possible, and at the
risk of sounding cheesy, it's one of those records that should fall
under the “instant classic” category for people who have an ounce of
good taste in them.

If you need reference points, I'd have to
say The Go Go's in a knife fight with Black Tambourine might be the
best way to put it, but what really struck me as I got drunk listening
to this album for about the fifteenth time, was the fact that so many
of these songs could have been used in the soundtracks for some of my
favorite films.

So, I went on Youtube, found clips from some of these films, turned the volume down on them, and cranked the shit out of Double Jointer, and here are my favorite results*.

01 “Cinco de Mayo” for Dudes:

02 “Blood and Arrow” for Desperate Teenage Lovedolls:

03 “Neon Noose” for Heathers:

04 “Death to Fame” replacing the music for this Monks video:

05 “Rollercoaster” and “Eyes to See” for the riot scene in Over the Edge:

06 “Arson Wells” for his scene from Times Square:

*You need to purchase this album to be able to experience this.