Goldmund re-records the Civil War

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Keith Kenniff of Goldmund

Boston-based Keith Kenniff has a knack for composing poignant, melancholic tunes in his solo-piano project Goldmund. Under the Goldmund moniker, Kenniff (also known as Helios and one-half of Mint Julep) carves stark yet cinematic narratives from somber tones and a restrained palette of acoustic instrumentation. On Kenniff's upcoming release All Will Prosper, dejection and hope are ensconced in a re-imagined history. The album includes arrangements of 14 traditional Civil War era folk songs and one contemporary track recorded over a five year period in various houses between Massachusetts, Oregon, and North Carolina. “Shenandoah,” the track featured below, is distilled to a sparse melody pensively treading a wistful whirring of piano and strings. The modern take on the traditional juxtaposed with images of firing cannons brings a sense of relevancy to the idea of Reconstruction.

Goldmund, “Shenandoah”

All Will Prosper will be released December 6 on Western Vinyl.