Gorgeous Children, “Loot Mission”

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Gorgeous Children

It was this time last year Gorgeous Children debuted their black magik rap with a self-titled record. Seemingly arriving from the shadows, the duo of Face Vega and producer Gila Monster raised the occult bar on classic source material that had always suggested the darkside, but never comitted to a residency.

Plans of a follow-up entitled ICE are currently noted as “due shortly” on Jacques Greene's VASE label. On “Loot Mission”, the second single from ICE, Face Vega is still the same blunted and p-noid emcee we met on the debut. 2-Chainz turns the paranoia of federal agents monitoring his every move into a catchy single that celebrates the ultimate celebrity intrusion. Face Vega's vision of garnering attention from feds is closer to the reality of the situation, in which secret indictments are being prepared and there's a greater chance of mysteriously disappearing rather than facing jail time.