Gouldian Finch – “Hatch (Remixed)”

Norwegian producer enlists diverse array of musicians to reshape his original tracks

Norwegian producer Martin Horntveth, known as Gouldian Finch, has released Hatch (Remixed), enlisting a diverse array of producers and artists who bring fresh perspectives to his original tracks, infusing them with new life.

Fans of Daft Punk, Jónsi, and Aphex Twin will find much to love in this project. Each track on Hatch (Remixed) retains the core elements of Gouldian Finch’s nu-wave jazz and electronica, while showcasing the unique styles of the other collaborators. The result is an album that not only celebrates the original material but also redefines it in innovative ways.

One standout remix is Pantha du Prince’s take on “The Flamingo.” The German composer and producer infuses his minimal techno and noise style, layering airy synth pads and vintage drum machine beats to create a spacey, ethereal atmosphere. Similarly, Norwegian trio Orions Belte’s remix of “Stuck In The Matrix” transforms the track with their sunny, surf-rock-inspired indie sound, offering a refreshing contrast to the original’s frenetic energy. We also deeply love the nu-disco flavors on the Lindstrom remix, which brings a poolside energy to the whole track. 

Hatch (Remixed) is a testament to Gouldian Finch’s versatility and vision. By collaborating with such a varied roster of artists, he not only reimagines his work but also elevates it, solidifying his place as a forward-thinking producer in the contemporary music scene.