Grant Knoche – “Sorry For The Honesty”

Post Author: Aidan Grant

L.A.-based artist shares powerful new single

At just 17 years old, it’s incredible to think that Dallas native Grant Knoche writes, produces and performs all his own music to the level he does. At age 10, he taught himself to write and produce in his bedroom and hasn’t looked back since then.

Later in life, he moved to L.A. where he took to the vibrant music industry exceptionally. He soon found himself performing all over the U.S., where he even recorded on 9 top 10 Billboard albums. The new single “Sorry for the Honesty” is a perfect example of exactly what he’s about: solid, unique production on an electronic-synth vehicle.

“I am addicted to music. It’s a huge inspiration for me. When writing lyrics I look at my own situations or at close people around me and take what they are going through and incorporate it into my music,” Grant says. “Ever since I was little I’ve always been drawn to very unique and different types of music and strive to achieve the same in my music. I want people to hear it and make them feel a way that they’ve never felt before. Having creative control is unbelievably important to me and the reason I love writing and producing myself is so that I can create exactly what I want and love – and I can be me!”