Grass Is Green, “Vacation 2.0”

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grass is green

“You don't have to apologize to every asshole in the world.” Sound advice from Grass Is Green. The Boston-via-DC punk outfit spits other nuggets of wisdom on their latest release, “Vacation 2.0,” as well. The track is the closing track from Vacation Vinny, the band's fourth album and second release on Exploding In Sound. On “Vacation 2.0,” Grass Is Green picks up on the same herky-jerky squall they explored on last year's Ronson. The majority of the song features syncopated chords that bounce and thrash together, eventually giving way to the album's final fretboard-pummeling moments.

Vacation Vinny is out January 14 via Exploding In Sound Records. You can preorder the album here.