GRiZ ft. Brasstracks and Eric Krasno, “Gotta Push On”

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Michigan producer GRiZ’s saxophone is like a sonic scepter, coloring many a soundscape with a jazzy luster. His latest track, “Gotta Push On” is no different. GRiZ employs soundsmiths Brasstracks and Eric Krasno to help him round out the song, which fuses several sonic aesthetics into one inspiring work.

The track’s base is a laid back, funky groove ripe for Krasno to wax on the importance of perseverance. By the time he reaches the apex of each verse, the percussion begins to churn and the track morphs into a Glitch-Hop spectacle, before Brasstracks’ horns take the listener on a ride. The triumphant vibe of the chorus’ melody and vocals resound over the churning drums, idealistically sploshing frantic and calm into one package.

Gotta Push On” is the final single released before GRiZ’s upcoming Good Will Prevail drops this Friday. Only a couple days left to push on until then. You can pre-order Good Will Prevail and listen to “Gotta Push On” below.