GRMLN, “Jaded” (Mister Lies remix)

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Heavy on the jungle, Mister Lies gives GRMLN‘s pop-punk sound a heavy bend on his rework of the Carpark Records signee’s shamelessly catchy “Jaded”. Infused with a touch of schizoid madness this time around, it’s sped up and hardened by the addition of a furious breakcore-esque drumtrack that just adds to the adolescent frustration apparent in the original.

Adding a level of unprecedented angst, it hits close to home, eliciting memories of mix CDs on long, aimless freeway drives. A little slice of the good old, “misunderstood” days familiar to so many ex-Hot Topic shoppers.

A refreshing take on the earworm-y original, Mister Lies’s touch will elicit an even broader sense of nostalgia within you. Whether you grew up on Zumiez or Zomby is irrelevant.

GRMLN’s Soon Away is out now on Carpark.