Grubs, “Dec. 15” b/w “Gym Shame”

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It’s really rare to find a band that nails a sound right out the gate. That Grubs was able to do so on their first two-track single isn’t that shocking as the band shares members between Joanna Gruesome, Trust Fund, and King of Cats. Though, if you follow indie pop from the UK you’re probably already a bit confused as all three bands hail from different parts of the country (Cardiff, Oxford and Bristol). Well, let’s just call it Bristol, that seems to be where most of their Grubs songs incubate.

The super group (or side-project with three sides… so a triangle) has just released a two song flexi-disc. The single is a joint release by Aloe Music (who is handling the US release) and Cool Your Jets (handling the UK/EU side of things). It’s a short little bit of jangle pop perfect for summer time road trips, with both songs lasting less than three minutes. The first track, “Dec. 15”, features a sun baked chorus that even mentions swimming pools before the track build to its final emotional moments. The second track, “Gym Shame”, shows similarity in sound, structure, and tone, while the lyrics  promise that “they’ve been working out all day.” If they’re too afraid to tell us like they claim, it doesn’t matter, because this is another short tight little ditty and you already know half the words to the song.

Check out both tracks below, and if you’re desperate for more Grubs, we put together a playlist of their March performance at The Macbeth as part of the Oddbox Records Weekender handily videoed by Andres Vicente.  So give a listen and dream of all those perfect lazy Sunday destinations in your mind while you wait for the flexi.