Grumbling Fur, “Protogenesis”

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UK's electronic envelope pushers Grumbling Fur have been bustling toward the upcoming advent of their third album, Glynnaestra. The London duo of Alexander Tucker of Imbogodom and solo fame, joins Daniel O' Sullivan from Æthenor, Guapo and Ulver to create new sound topography for all furry animals and living creatures to dwell in for their Thrill Jockey release. Getting deep into the inner and outer core layering with a geology jam; these furry grumblers cardiograph an ambient landscape that you won't hear on a televised educational and informative NOVA special.

Today's premiere of “Protogenesis” moves in ways much like the geotech sedimentary deposits of it's namesake. The synthesizers bounce from earth to the reinforced sound design of strings that add an acoustic dimension of depth amid the surface gurgling and land settling effects, mimicking the process of eolian syngenesis. Pouring in like a dense arrangement of granulated megabytes, the formation syntheses occurs in the track's fabric where traditional instruments meet and push against the digital console drivers of modern machines. Join O'Sullivan and Tucker as they give you a ticket to ride the friendliest audio autobahn where man-made concrete interstates intersect with naturally caused geological terraformations.

Like the accumulation of mineral matter from natural earth deposits, “Protogeneis” creates a protogenic process that summons together dirt and land to make a new aural body mass. Those sequences of strong bow rides along the violin chord veins strike images of the big-bang origins in real time, where all stems from the song are laid out and then put through the mathematical equations of new evolutions. From the ritualistic vocal chant loop of, “I saw you stand up” and Grumbling Fur's unlimited supply of effects and electrical enhancers; all components are processed according to Alexander and Daniel's earth science studies and treatments where every bit of matter becomes blended and dissolved in the ether.

Grumbling Fur's Glynnaestra will be available July 23 from Thrill Jockey. Catch the duo at the following EU/UK dates:

13 London, UK at Red Gallery (East End Live Festival)
22 London, UK at Rough Trade East (In-store performance)

20 Tilburg, The Netherlands at the Incubate Festival