Gungor, One Wild Life: Body</em

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Gungor is an artistic LA based act made up of Michael and Lisa Gungor. They’re an otherworldly accomplished duo, with a Grammy nomination under their belt. In August 2015, they released the first album in their stunning three-piece series, titled One Wild Life: Soul. The next record, One Wild Life: Spirit, debuted on March 25th of this year. The final album in the trilogy will be officially released on September 30th, but we have the exclusive premiere in its entirety right here.

One Wild Life: Body is comprised of 15 amazing tracks. (I would suggest that you look at the sound wave of the first track, “Birth,” because it is the coolest and smoothest sound wave that I have ever laid eyes on.) As mentioned above, the duo boasts a unique, otherworldly sound with their music, and the experimental aspect is not lost on us. Each record in this trilogy is distinct from the last, yet they come together as a strangely invigorating and cohesive unit.

Another interesting aspect of the trilogy is that Gungor released a music video for one song from each album leading up to the album releases. Check out the video for “Walking With Our Eyes Closed” below.


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