Halo Orbit, "Trieste"

Post Author: Meredith Schneider

With their collective passion for (and vast knowledge of) music, the trio Halo Orbit – comprised of Juan Alderete (The Mars Volta, Racer X, Deltron 3030), suGar (Buffalo Daughter, Metalchicks), and Mark Guiliana (Beat Music, Mehliana) – is preparing to release their self-titled debut next month. But not before our exclusive premiere of their track “Trieste”.
Glittering sound effects riddle this track, as its notable percussion keeps an intense and unsteady beat over the course of the nine minute and five second musical exploration. You’re taken to another world within the song, one of uncertainty and excitement. We can easily see this song as something out of a sci fi movie, and we’re totally on board with its extra terrestrial inclinations. It’s a thing of beauty, and something incredibly different to zen out to.

Halo Orbit is out February 3rd via Alpha Pup. It is available for preorder now.