Happy Diving, “Weird Dream”

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If you’re into big riffs, raucous drums, and a “slacker” aesthetic, then you’re probably a) super pleased with the direction indie rock is going right now and b) going to want to listen to the new single that San Francisco’s Happy Diving just released. Seriously. The new track “Weird Dream”, which comes from their upcoming debut full-length, Big World, was just premiered over at Stereogum and it’s the perfect sludge-pop track. After a cacophony of distortion, the band speeds off into a ripper of a song, with screaming, Dinosaur Jr.-esque guitar riffs, concussive drums, and slurred-speech vocals that all coalesce into a fuzzed-out dream.

In an appropriately sleepy-headed and nonchalant tone, singer Matt Barry mumbles lyrics like, “Wake me up, I’ve been asleep for too long, it’s been a while since I saw the sun,” which are just barely audible over the sonic mess the rest of the band is making. Much like any good dream I’ve ever had, “Weird Dream” ends long before it’s overstayed its welcome and leaves you itching for more. And, aside from this being a pretty clever ploy for a band that has an album on the horizon, it means that you’re probably going to want to replay this “Weird Dream” over and over again.

Happy Diving’s  Big World is out October 21 on Father/Daughter.