Hear the Weird HappYness Remix of Dinowalrus’ “In A Sense”

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Brooklyn psych/synth rock/post-punk trio Dinowalrus are masters of reinvention. They’ve earned their various genre accreditations over the years, drawing on everything from new wave to krautrock but moving increasingly in the pop direction since their start in 2008. Now they’ve got a remix for a track from their third album Complexion, released this past June, and it’s a far cry from the original.

“In A Sense” hearkens back to 80s new wave, with a thick layering of bright guitar and synth sounds and big drums. The Weird HappYness remix—championed by the band’s drummer, Max Tucker—is a dizzy, loopy contrast to that. It lays on the autotune while paring the band’s big sound down to a minimalist synthpop groove. Waves of disparate electronic notes phase in and out, giving way to Pete Feigenbaum’s wavery voice, pitched up and isolated. There are many ways to make a song danceable, and Dinowalrus knows it—they’ve proved their versatility here.

Hear the Weird HappYness remix for “In A Sense” below, and scroll down for the original.