Haybaby, “Her”

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Brooklyn sludge punk trio Haybaby pack a punch of bombastic, lively melodies that are sweet enough to rot out all of your teeth. Over the past years Haybaby have kept busy, mastering their live sets and being named one of the hardest working bands in New York City.

The band’s latest release, “Her”, is off the band’s debut full-length release Sleepy Kids that will be coming out this fall. “Her” carries an incessant bass riff that moves alongside Leslie Hong’s voluminous vocals. Hong garners a deep emotional intensity and coos her words with confidence. Hong tapers over a melancholy love as she shrieks, “All of my short little life I have loved her / Wanting to save her from the creatures that keep her at home.”

Distorted guitars burrow into a melodic refrain and a soaring bass line as the song upholds the quiet/loud dynamic of early 90’s rock bands. The steady bassline reflects the impulsive coo and iconic bass leads in the The Breeders track “Cannonball”. Haybaby hold the knack for crafting distorted, fuzzy guitar riffs with heartfelt and sincere songwriting. The entire full-length Sleepy Kids will be out this fall via Tiny Engines Records.