Headaches, “VI”

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Headaches is a deceptive moniker for Landon Speers’ ambient project. The name suggests the potential for impending cacophony, but do not come to Aluphor with suspicion and anxiety. Instead, observe the orb on Nathaniel Whitcomb’s visual website for “VI” and open yourself to transcendental possibilities.

Is it possible to be guided into the ethereal? Landon Speers is not afraid to try on Aluphor.  His tools for ambient composition are simple—cello and synth—but the layers weave a plexus that as it gains complexity creates a cocoon of sound. At his music’s most gentle it leaves the listener adrift and at its most active there are portals to be pursued. This brings us to “VI”, which offers tiers of melancholy and motivation equally. A good sound bath permeates the body and simulates a detoxification. In allowing yourself to immerse in “VI” there is an opportunity to rid toxins imagined in our psyche and feel less tortured. There is an opportunity for transcendence, if you seek it.

Preorder Headaches’ Aluphor on digital and cassette via Bandcamp.