Heems, “Home” feat. Dev Hynes

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Former Das Racist member Heems has a new track streaming, the Dev Hynes (Blood Orange)-aided “Home”. Marking something of a dramatic departure from the Pizza Hut/Taco Bell-ed days of yore, “Home” is spacey and downright entrancing four minutes of soul that showcase Heems previously uncapitalized-upon array of abilities. His distinctive mumble-sing is put into action for a wrenching chorus/verse arrangement; never-before has it sounded so tonal and emotive. Heems’ high-point, lyrically, comes in the form of a verse towards the end of the track that includes a fantastic, somewhat off-color, tonally appropriate reference to “Ignition (Remix)”.

Never swelling to a specific crescendo, the production does an ample job of backing what is a true break-up jam and sonically encapsulates the emotion behind Heems’ “all I got is the sweater that you left, the letters that I kept, that spoke of how you like when I kiss you on the neck.” It is a recognizable and intimately familiar four-minutes of hip hop, something that is often looked over for the audacious glory of driving a Maybach, or whatever.

“Home” is off of Heems’ upcoming debut solo LP Eat, Pray, Thug, due out March 10. You can stream it below.