Historian, "I Need a Future"

Photo Credit: Anna Maria Lopez

LA-based psych-folk outfit Historian have been bucking trends and conventions since their inception in 2013. Led by musician and songwriter Chris Karman, the group draws from a rich palette of expansive sounds and layers them not unlike a breathing sonic painting.
Historian’s latest vision, the appropriately titled Expanse, is out later this month and Impose Magazine is happy to host the exclusive premiere of the video for the single “I Need a Future” today. The swelling strings on the track add to the sense of weightlessness in the video as Karman is front and center listing above psychedelic images, not unlike Alice falling down the rabbit hole.
Karman shares, “This was shot in one take, which definitely made it the most difficult Historian video to execute. It’s pretty apropos though, considering it was also the most challenging song to get right in the studio as well. We thought the idea of arranging the strings backwards would be an interesting play on the lyrics, which is as much about the past as it about needing a future.
It just didn’t turn out to be the easiest idea to pull off, much like the video production. From the concept to the set design, there was just so much attention to detail and I felt very fortunate to have such a talented team working on it.”

Watch Historian in “I Need a Future” below and look for Expanse out October 20th here.