Homebody, “Victoria”

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While Denver’s post-pop/no wave duo Homebody – comprised of Morris Kolontyrsky and Michael Stein – has been busy preparing for the release of their album Better Use of Leisure Time (set for November 3rd), we’ve been waiting to hear their latest. We just didn’t realize it yet. Let your desires be met now, with the exclusive premiere of their single “Victoria”.
Conceived in Victoria, B.C. (hence the name) during the 4th of July in 2015, a departure from their normal writing space in their home in Denver, the song is a layered – almost staccato – running commentary. Spoken/sung, lyrics like “They still lay face down in recliners / swill instant coffee in the afternoon / It’s hard to tell there is a crisis / You swear you still can’t taste the difference” are slightly dark for the jangly, upbeat melody, but it’s a catchy, fun song no matter which way you spin it.
Here is the explanation of the song itself, as told by Homebody:

It was the last week of our first Canadian tour and our first day-off in 29 days.  We aren’t usually impressed by cities in North America, but Victoria was (and still is) an exception. We snuck onto the ferry to get there and stayed with our friends (Caitlin from Slam Dunk and Morgan from Sister Blanche) for a couple days during a festival.  We spent those days jumping in lakes, sitting around beach fires, and seeing the friends we had made all across Canada play one more time.

We were the only band from “the States” on the festival and we had forgotten it was “Independence Day” until we saw a bald eagle at this lake and were instantly grateful that we weren’t home, getting hassled by patriotic drunks at the bar we work at. The lyrics were added later and have a much bleaker theme, but the music was written that morning in Victoria, inspired by this magical place with the best and cheapest sushi known to man, psilocybin mushrooms growing on the lawns of condominiums, and sea otters just running around.

Better Use of Leisure Time is out November 3rd. The 12″ LP will be available via Heavy Dose Records, while the tape will be released with Gary Cassettes. Keep up with the guys here.